Belton Gun Club

South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Class (CWP)

Unlock Your Confidence with Our South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Class!

  • Why Choose Us? We take pride in being the pioneers of a unique approach that sets us apart. Unlike other classes, we ensure that every participant shoots a practice session following the SLED qualification requirements. What's more? We provide the holsters, guns, and ammo, offering you an unparalleled hands-on experience.
  • Building Confidence, One Shot at a Time! We understand that getting back on the firing range or stepping into it for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Our practice sessions are designed not only to meet qualification standards but to familiarize you with range commands, loading, shooting, and holstering. Say goodbye to anticipation jitters as we build your confidence shot by shot!
  • Unmatched Success Rate! Over the last 15 years, our track record speaks for itself – not a single student has ever failed their qualification or test. In fact, most of our participants achieve a perfect 100% in the qualification. Your success is our priority, and we are committed to making you a proficient and confident handgun owner.
  • Explore, Ask, Learn! We believe in an interactive learning experience. Our classes feature an array of carry guns for you to handle and ask questions about. For new shooters, we strongly encourage holding off on purchasing a carry gun until after completing our class. Knowledge is power, and we're here to empower you!
  • Everything You Need, All-in-One Package! Worried about the hassle of filing your CWP application? Fret not! Our class includes everything you need, from essential information to completed fingerprint cards. We've got you covered, ensuring a seamless process as you take the first step towards responsible firearm ownership.
  • Ready to embark on your journey to handgun mastery? Join us and experience the confidence that comes with our comprehensive and hands-on approach. Secure your spot now and become a skilled, responsible, and confident handgun owner!

Belton Gun Club, Inc. - 153 Range Road, PO Box 126 - Belton, SC 29627

For information call (864) 318-4383 or email by following this link: Club Secretary 

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