Auto Benchrest Association (ABRA)


Location: Belton Gun Club

Range: Multiplex-1 (100-yard rifle range)

Time: Registration: 10:00 AM, Firing: 11:00 AM




10:00 AM


10:00 AM


10:00 AM


8:00 AM Club Championship


10:00 AM


8:00 AM SC Championship


10:00 AM


10:00 AM


10:00 AM


General: 50-yard benchrest match for semi-automatic rimfire rifle chamber in 22 LR.

The competition consists of 20 bullseyes for score shot in 15 minutes. The maximum score is 200.


It uses .22 Rimfire automatic rifles with unlimited scope power in 3 basic classes:

1) Factory

2) Unlimited

3) Outlaw - This class is for bolt guns: heavy barrel and light barrel.


For more information, please go to:


Registration: Begins 1 hour before match start time (9:00 AM)

Course of Fire:

 Type: Rimfire Benchrest

 Range: 50 yards

 Targets: 20 bulls/20 shots  best edge scoring (see target description below)

 Relays: 15 minutes



 Rifle: Semi-auto 22 LR (see ABRA class rules:

 Scope: Unlimited power

 Ammo: Commercial 22 long rifle

 Rests: Two-piece (separate front and rear) rests, bi-pod, and/or bags No one piece rest

 Other: Wind flags allowed.


Match Fees: $10.00 per gun/class

$35 Club and State Championship


Safety: All posted range rules will be enforced. Chamber flags must be used and will be available. All shooters must sign a range liability release form.


Match Directors: Melvin Ferguson


ABRA Match Target: Official ABRA target that will be used in all matches.


To increase interest and participation, an additional rifle class has been added. Outlaw Class: This class is for bolt guns: heavy barrel and light barrel.

Belton Gun Club, Inc. - 153 Range Road, PO Box 126 - Belton, SC 29627

For information call (864)318-4383 or email by following this link: Club Secretary

Supper Meetings and CWP registrations call (864) 369-6767


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