Glock Sports Shooting Foundation (GSSF)

The Belton Gun Club is one of the 50 clubs nationwide that host a GSSF match each year.  These matches fit handgun shooters at all skills levels.  They are a particularly good fit for folks new to handgun competition.  Several divisions include challenging competition for advanced skill levels, also.

Firearm safety is fundamental to GSSF matches.  The shooting stages test both accuracy and speed.  They offer a fun way to build your skills and confidence.  There are many random drawing prizes to give everyone a good chance to win something.  Drawing prizes include Glock pistols and more.

There are several GSSF weekend matches within a few hours drive of Belton.  These include matches in Charleston SC, Augusta GA, Morganton NC, and Dawsonville GA.  Wintertime matches in Florida offer a nice opportunity to warm up (Daytona Beach, Tallahassee and Miami areas).  Matches themselves only take 4 or 5 hours to shoot, depending on how many divisions you are participating in.

GSSF Website:  www.gssfonline.com/

Belton Gun Club GSSF E-Mail:  BeltonBlastGSSF@aol.com

Belton Gun Club GSSF Match Directors:  Martha and Don Goodfellow


Belton Gun Club, Inc. - 153 Range Road, PO Box 126 - Belton, SC 29627

For information call (864)318-4383 or email by following this link: Club Secretary

Supper Meetings and CWP registrations call (864) 369-6767


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