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South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Class (CWP) Details

Class Schedule:

This comprehensive Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) class is conducted on the third Saturday of each month. The class commences promptly at 8:00 am and concludes by 6:00 pm, with the duration subject to the number of enrolled students.  Please pack your lunch and refreshments.


Enrollment in the CWP Class is priced at $75.00. Payment can be made using a personal check or exact change on the day of the class. All necessary paperwork for the Concealed Weapon Permit application, including fingerprint cards, will be efficiently completed during the course.

Equipment Required:

For Those Using Their Own Firearm: If you opt to qualify with your personal firearm, please bring your handgun, a suitable holster, a belt for holster support, and a minimum of 25 rounds of ammunition. Note that cross-draw holsters and handguns with barrels longer than 6 inches are not permitted.

Equipment Rental: For individuals who have not yet purchased a firearm or lack a comfortable shooting option, The Belton Gun Club offers the complete set of required equipment for an additional $25.00. Please inform your instructor in advance if you wish to rent club equipment.

Training Schedule:

Classroom Instruction: The course entails 6 hours of in-depth training within a classroom setting, covering essential information related to firearm safety, regulations, and responsible gun ownership.

Range Training: Dedicate 2 hours to hands-on training on the firing range. A written test based on classroom information will be administered, and all attendees must qualify on the range. The gun club will provide firearms and ammunition during the range session. Participants are required to bring their lunch.

This professionally structured course ensures a thorough understanding of concealed carry regulations, firearm safety, and practical shooting skills. Join us on the path to responsible firearm ownership and the acquisition of your Concealed Weapon Permit. Enroll today for a rewarding and educational experience.

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For information call (864) 318-4383 or email by following this link: Club Secretary 

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